Scholarships Awarded Annually to The Georgia Club Employees and Local High School Seniors in our surrounding Counties

Since 2011, The Georgia Club Foundation has awarded $145,000 in scholarships to deserving young high school graduates in our community. In 2018, TGC Foundation expanded our scholarship philanthropy and began a program to recognize the hard-working employees of the Club with scholarship awards. In the past two years TGC Foundation has funded $16,000 in employee scholarships. The successful TGC Foundation Scholarship Program has been supported by David and Jane Chu and The Chu Family Foundation. Since the inception of the scholarship program in 2011, The Chu Family Foundation has contributed nearly $100,000 for TGC Foundation scholarship awards. David and Jane have a passion for educating our young people and have modeled the impact of giving back in their community. The Georgia Club Foundation is so grateful for their educational vision and support.

The Georgia Club Foundation hopes to provide continued academic assistance to the outstanding young people who will be building our community’s future. If you would like additional information about our scholarship program, please click the button below.

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