Lilli Grenvicz Memorial Scholarship (LGMS)




Lilli Grenvicz was a beautiful and kind woman who loved teaching, tutoring and mentoring her students. Through years of experience, she learned that there are many educational paths that can lead to a student’s success in life. Lilli would be so proud of the vocational and technical education focus supported and encouraged by this Memorial Scholarship named after her.

– Ed Grenvicz, Lilli’s husband




Thanks to the Lilli Grenvicz Memorial Scholarship, TGCF is now able to offer scholarships for vocation/technical schools.  This scholarship will be awarded 3 times during the calendar year – to account for the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters.


The Scholarship range is generally between $1,000-$3,000.  Scholarships shall be awarded to High School Seniors, current employees of The Georgia Club, and current students enrolled at one of the Vocational schools in Barrow, Clarke, or Oconee County who currently reside in either Barrow or Oconee County and are pursuing a vocational or technical career field.   Scholarships must be paid directly to the institution to support the students education/training.


Applications will be accepted continuously; however, they will be reviewed in March, June, and November for the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters respectively.


There are four criteria: Financial Need, Extracurricular Activities and Work,  and Recommendation letter.  A minimum score of 70 (based on the following point system) is required for further consideration. The LGMS scholarships are primarily need-based (50%), with additional criteria of work/extracurricular activities (25%), recommendation letter (15%) and acceptance to a vocational or technical school (10%).

  • Financial Need: 1-50 points

Current family finances, number of family members, hardship in family. Any financial support applied for and/or received; if so, how much has been received/awarded.

  • Work and/or Extracurricular Activities: 1-25 points

Work experience, Activities/clubs, Athletics, Volunteer (Church, Civic, Service, and/or Community Organization)

  • Recommendation Letter from teacher, counselor, manager, etc. : 1-15 points

Letter of recommendation about individual’s character and desire to pursue a vocational or technical career.

  • Acceptance to Vocational or Technical School: 1-10 points

Documentation that they have been accepted into a Vocational or Technical school